Principal's Message

Dear students
"The process of Education is bringing out the innate powers with all round development. We facilitate the learners by giving a wide range of opportunities to meet his/her future challenges. We focus on teaching learning process with a cherished motto of empowerment of students for their all round development. Through education we are imparting knowledge Skills, Building Character and Moral Values by inculcating those capacities in pupil which enables them to face the problems of life own benefit and happiness. Bookish and purely academic education do not suit present scenario in this electronically era. We are following do not new research approaches, strategies and techniques of production so that the students in every field habituate to improve themselves and go ahead. Our aim is to bring forth responsible teachers and citizens of the nation who make a difference and who will make Bhilai and our nation proud with their uniqueness. Hence we pledge together to face all challenges and take the nation towards the cherished ideal of national welfare and national glory in the community of world nations."

Dr. (Mrs.) V Sujata


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